Why Shiplap Cladding & Oak flooring can make a huge difference – bugle coach inn

If there’s one thing that adds a touch of class to a pub or inn, it’s the use of natural woods in the building such as shiplap cladding or solid oak flooring. Now these furnishing don’t necessarily come cheap and you may be wondering how you could possible measure the success of this investment in these expensive woods. Well the answer is you can’t but as we always say on the Bugle Coach Inn blog, this business is about getting repeat customers and creating a homely and warm feel with shiplap cladding on the outside of your building and oak flooring on the inside is just the first step towards this.

Where can you get cost effective oak flooring for a Inn?

Well we’ve used many solid oak flooring suppliers in our time, we like iWood and if we’re after a great finish on our oak, then we use this stuff.

  • I’ve run a few inns and pubs in my time and one thing that I always make sure that I get right is the decor. I’ve received compliments on numerous occasions on the oak flooring that we use and the reviews certainly speak for themselves!

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